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Summerfield Subdivision by My Citihomes is a paradise for the dwellers not just in terms of comfort imparting homes but also in terms of facilities and amenities. My Citihomes has come up with an enchanting community that keeps the residents occupied and active all throughout the day. 

To begin with, the property accommodates lush green parks that add to the beauty of Summerfield Subdivision. The elderly can be immensely benefitted by this availability as this seems an ideal place to take a stroll for fresh air and spend some peaceful time. Also, the working class can relax to the core amidst the greenery. 

There are playgrounds available within the premises of Summerfield Subdivision which is a heavenly feature for the children of the property. The teens, children as well as the youth can make use of the playgrounds to play and have fun with their friends. There are numerous sports facilities available at Summerfield Subdivision which will allow your kids to stay active and refreshed after the day's chores.  

Summerfield Subdivision features a multipurpose hall for the use of the residents. This spacious built up is an excellent feature for the residents. This hall can be used to host parties and events by the residents as and when desired. It can house a decent number of individuals allowing you the ease to host parties, right at your residing place. This hall can also be used to plan and execute meetings by the residents. Various recreational activities can be planned and executed in this available hall. 

Summerfield Subdivision is a well-guarded and secured property to reside at. It is firmly secured in the best way possible. The property features a guardhouse at the entrance where professional security guards are posted to ensure the protection of Summerfield Subdivision as well as its residents. There is proper and concrete fencing all around the property such that no outsider can enter the property illegally. 

A basketball court is another addition to the long list of Summerfield Subdivision amenities. This allows the residents to get indulged in the game right at their residence. The teens and the youth can brush up their gaming skills while the kids can start to practice and learn the game. This will save an immense amount of traveling time for the kids when they have this facility available right at their residence. 

Last but not the least, Summerfield Subdivision is constructed with concrete lanes and wide paths. These lanes and paths can be used for the purpose of jogging and bike riding. The property features concrete curbs as well as gutters. There is a 24x7 availability of clean water supply to all the residing lots of Summerfield Subdivision. The sound underground drainage system of Summerfield Subdivision ensures hygiene. 

Concludingly, Summerfield Subdivision is an ideal residing property that offers an unending array of amenities as well as features to its residents. And all this comes at a price that one can own at an affordable price tag. 

  • Entrance Gate with Guardhouse
  • Multi-Purpose Clubhouse
  • Parks and Playground
  • Sport Facilities
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