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Summerfield Subdivision Is located at Brgy. Osorio, Trece Martires City, Cavite.

Summerfield Subdivision, a creation of My Citihomes proudly stands at a convenient location in Cavite. Conveniently standing at Brgy. Osorio in Trece Martires City. While residing at Summerfield Subdivision one is situated less than an hour away from Manila. By taking a car's ride one can reach Manila well within an hour as it is located at just a distance of forty-eight kilometers from Manila. This makes it easy for the residents to dwell near the metropolis. Therefore, Summerfield Subdivision undoubtedly is a property apt for the growing families as well as individuals who require regular up-down to and from Manila. 

Manila from Summerfield Subdivision is easily accessible through the Governor’s Drive via the Cavite Coastal Road as well as the Tanza-Trece Martires Road. These are a few of the many convenient roads that link Summerfield Subdivision to various essential destinations. Other roads linking Summerfield Subdivision to different places include Gov. Ferrer Drive, Osorio Road, Panungyanan Road. Therefore, an ideal location to dwell for a lifetime.

Summerfield Subdivision is located extremely close to various important setups that are required for convenient day to day living. These setups include places like hospitals, healthcare centers, schools, universities, markets, shopping malls, retail counters etc. 

The closely located educational hubs include renowned schools and colleges like Cavite State University, Trece Martires City College, Cavite State University as well as Colegio De Amore. Having such renowned institutions located in close vicinity allows your children to save on a lot of traveling time which in turn can be invested elsewhere in extracurricular activities. 

There are a number of medical centers as well as hospitals located in close vicinity. This allows the residents to easily meet any and every medical emergency that arises. Some of the nearby located hospitals include Gen. E. Aguinaldo Memorial Hospital, M. V. Santiago Medical Center as well as Korea-Philippines Friendship Hospital. 

The list of nearby essentials doesn't end here. There are a number of marketplaces located close to Summerfield Subdivision. A few of the nearby markets and shopping malls include Water Mart, Trece Tower Mall, SM City Trece Martirez as well as Puregold Jr. The popular public market of the city is also located in close vicinity of Summerfield Subdivision making all the daily commodities available within easy reach of the residents of Summerfield Subdivision.   

Such necessities being located in such close proximity allows life to be a smooth and easy going affair for all. Additionally, the residents are spared by the hours-long traveling time. Resultantly, Summerfield Subdivision is no less than a blessing for the growing families in a rushing world like the present.

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